Positive Thinking Leads To Positive Results

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It is funny how life works; we tend to get what we expect.

Two books that I recommend for every person in business, or not in business, are written by Norman Vincent Peale-The Power of Positive Thinking and Enthusiasm Makes the Difference.

Peale says you do not need to be defeated by anything; you can have peace of mind, improved health, and increasing flow of energy by keeping a positive frame of mind.  Do not allow negative thoughts to dominate.

Tony Schwartz in Harvard Business Review advocates practicing realistic optimism. He says that doesn’t mean putting a happy face on every situation, which is blind optimism but it means intentionally telling the most hopeful and empowering story in any given situation, without distorting the facts. He suggests when facing a problem or something we worry about, we calmly write down the best possible outcome of the situation and focus our attention to making that happen.  He says, “Emotions are contagious, how we feel profoundly influences how we make others feel, and how effective we are at whatever we do.”

Early in my career, I was in sales and noted an interesting phenomenon. When I received an important order, whether it be big, particularly difficult, or unexpected, something was different.  I would immediately make contact on key pending contracts or proposals and chances were good I would close several other orders that same day. There must have been something different in my aura, my self-confidence, my attitude, likeability, or something emanating from me. I don’t know what it was; I just know my chances were greatly enhanced because I was in a positive frame of mind.

A series of sports books, e.g., Inner Tennis, have been published teaching you to visualize the results you hope to achieve. For example, when you are playing golf, think about your drive going long and far down the middle of the fairway. Your chances of that resulting are improved. If on the other hand, you think about that out-of-bounds on the left, guess what happens. If you are playing tennis, visualize your serve going hard into the far corner where it cannot be returned and it is more likely to happen. I can’t explain it, but it seems to work. Again, our brain has more power than we understand.

Peale talks about achieving health and happiness with positive thinking and enthusiasm. I am not a doctor but I believe we do not fully understand the power of our brain in improving health and healing. I do know that when we maintain a spirit of positive thinking and enthusiasm, we are happier people. And, we increase the happiness of people around us.  Who likes to be around a “gloomy Gus”? Like measles and mumps, positive thinking and enthusiasm is contagious. Your life should be full of joy and satisfaction and not in the downward spiral of negative thinking.

Peale says positive thinking and enthusiasm will step up energy and vitality. It drives energy for constructive personal and social living. Nature fulfills our expectations.

Life is more fun and rewarding if we approach it with a positive outlook and enthusiasm.

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