Book Signing Event

Beagle Books & Bindery in Park Rapids will host a book signing event Saturday, April 30 from 12:00 to 2:00.  Information on the book, Basic Business, can be found on  Stop by and say Hi.

Setting The Direction For Our Lives

Basic Business Cents Setting the Direction for Our Lives There are two similar models to find your proper niche, one for your business and one for your personal life. The “Hedgehog Concept” developed by Jim Collins and described in detail in his book, Good to Great, is a useful tool to use to make sure…
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Basic Business Book

The new book, Basis Business, by Green Ivy Publishing contains more than 150 of the Basic Business Cents articles for your reference. It is not a novel to be read from cover to cover but a collections of lessons learned that can be read one at a time to give time to reflect on how…
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New Book

I have been a volunteer for SCORE for nearly ten years.  During that time, I learned that small companies have the same problems as large ones and what I learned in my career is helpful to them.  That led to writing a newspaper column for small businesses and that led to a book.  Basic Business…
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Memorable Quotes By Deming, Part II

Continuing the discussion of often-used quotations from Dr. W. Edwards Deming, we find more comments on the inevitability of change in our work. “It is not written anywhere that survival is mandatory.” One only needs to look at the changes over the years of the companies listed on various stock exchanges. In my early years…
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